Does someone you know or provide
care for show signs of restlessness,
aggression, or irritability?

Consider participating in the ACCORD Study

A clinical research study is enrolling now

For people that are living with dementia from Alzheimer’s or are taking medications for Alzheimer’s disease.

The ACCORD study is underway to learn more about a medication for people living with dementia from Alzheimer's or who are taking medications for Alzheimer’s disease. If someone you provide care for has Alzheimer’s and is not acting like themselves because of restlessness, aggression or irritability, this study may be an option.

Agitation presents itself in many forms and can include: pacing, rocking, restlessness, pointing fingers, gesturing, repeating some behaviors (excessive motor activity), yelling, screaming, shouting (verbally aggressive), grabbing, shoving, hitting, kicking, biting, destroying property (physically aggressive).

Dealing with agitation behaviors can be very difficult and caring for someone with dementia from Alzheimer's is demanding. When loved ones have agitated behaviors, it's all the more challenging. It has been reported that 70% of people with Alzheimer's have symptoms of agitation and aggression.1

Not treating these symptoms may make things worse. In fact, untreated agitation goes along with faster memory loss (cognitive decline), earlier nursing home placement, and increased mortality.2

Someone you know or provide care for may be eligible to participate if they*:

  • have dementia from Alzheimer's and show signs of restlessness, irritability, or aggressive behaviors (this can be as mild as pacing or repeating themselves, or as challenging as physical aggression like punching and kicking)
  • are between the ages of 65 and 90 years old
  • have a caregiver that is willing to participate and attend study visits regularly

*Other criteria also apply.

Refer a friend

Do you know someone living with dementia from Alzheimer’s who is restless, aggressive, or irritable? Do you know a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s who is having a hard time managing their care? They may be eligible to participate in the ACCORD study. Consider sharing information with them about how they can learn more.

See if You Pre-Qualify Now

Complete the following questionnaire to see if someone you know or are caring for is able to pre-qualify for the ACCORD study and get connected with a research site near you.